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Alex Repass is a junior at Central Washington University and excited to take on Wildcat Films.  When he’s not working hard he’s hardly working and you can find him listening to The Grateful Dead, recapping the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in 10 mins or less for his friends, and making shadow puppets.

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Faculty Advisor

Maria has taught in CWU's Film program since 2006.  She never gets tired of talking about movies, especially those she considers perfect (such as: Ferris Bueller's Day OffSense and Sensibility, and Get Out).  She has a fantastic son named Tucker, and as of 10/3/20, a total of three cats.



VP of Marketing

VP of Administration

Having a degree in graphic design, Alyssa thrives in creativity and problem-solving. Translating that to film, she loves to get into the details of editing and cinematography to accentuate those moments of passion and vulnerability. Her favorite films are Interstellar, Coraline, and Grave of the Fireflies to just name a few.

Jaimie is a CWU senior from Seattle, WA. She became interested in filmmaking after attending a Summer camp for girls curious about film at age 15. She is particularly passionate about editing and art direction, and some of her favorite movies include Fargo and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.



Deric is currently attending his last quarter at CWU. He's been a part of the Film Program since he started attending Central four years ago. He works at the Equipment Circulation Center here at Central and loves working with camera gear. His favorite movies include Wall-E, Good Will Hunting, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Deric is very excited to spend his last quarter at CWU as a member of WCF.



CWU Junior from Port Angeles Washington. Natalie found her passion in filmmaking after receiving a video camera on her tenth birthday. Natalie realized she wanted to go to school for film, when she would watch movies, and only pay attention to the production and technical aspects rather than the storyline. She aspires to find a job with Netflix or Amazon as a director or editor after college.



Jacob LeRoy is a CWU Junior whose favorite films include: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, The Dark Knight & Man of Steel. Jacob has always aspired to be creative in any situation in his life and wanted to study something immersed in creativity, he then chose Film for his major. Jacob is also a very musical person and has many musical groups that he listens to, some of these groups are Coldplay, Nothing But Thieves & Bring Me the Horizon. Jacob looks forward to his contribution in Wildcat Films.



Taylor has been enthusiastic about filmmaking as long as she can remember. After being the Line Producer for her high school's news program, she knew that this was the path for her. Now, in her final quarter at CWU, Taylor is especially passionate about cinematography and she's ecstatic to be working alongside an excellent team of filmmakers in Wildcat Films.



Lili is a senior at CWU, majoring in Women's and Gender Studies and minoring in Film Production. After working at a video store for four years, she realized that filmmaking was a path she needed to follow. She hopes to spend the next few years continuing to write and direct projects that mean something, as well as continuing her education. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry, camping, and of course soaking up as many films (and as much film knowledge) as she can.



Phoebe has been making all sorts of films since elementary school and has continued to be passionate about filmmaking. She aspires to be a part of the film industry and is working through her Junior year at CWU in the film program. When she isn't filming, Phoebe is outdoors with nature, animals, or friends. Phoebe hopes to create many beautiful and meaningful films in the future.

Wildcat Films is a student lead and operated production company hosted by Central Washington University's Film Program. As a team, Wildcat Films is composed of Film students looking to make films and advertisements fit to share your story with the greater Ellensburg and Central Washington University community.